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 -About Emilie - Founder of  E Skin Forté 


Emilie’s career in esthetics commenced in late 1999 back in the Philippines, her native country. Her passion led her to explore places to advance her career, she worked in Dubai for years where she gets to master her skills in Sugaring hair removal and other multicultural skin treatments.


After moving to the United States in 2009, Emilie continued with her career in the industry and she was given an opportunity to work and train alongside one of the Top Cosmetic Physicians in the area while pursuing her education and diploma in Master Esthetics from Dermal Science International in Northern Virginia.


Being a multifaceted Esthetician with over 21 years of vast training in different modality, treatments and working under mentorship. She further expanded her knowledge and training and dived more in depth with cases of Acne. Knowing where her heart lied in, she then became one of the first Esthetician / Certified Acne Specialist in her area.


She proactively practiced and perfected her niche of clearing ACNE Holistically. She felt compelled of helping each individual that suffer from Acne and putting it to their past. In 2016,  she finally took a leap and decided it was time to put her vision and mission to life of clearing Acne Holistically, and that’s when E Skin Forte was born.



When not exploring skin care, Emilie enjoys being home spending time with her kids and husband. She loves cooking delicious Filipino native dishes and desserts that her kids enjoy creating with her. Emilie loves to express herself by doing home or office decorating.



-“I am no stranger to acne, as a previous acne sufferer I had a fair share of skin troubles in my teens to early 20's, along with my siblings who had the same struggle. I can fully relate and understand the debilitating PAIN it can cause someone. 

    "There is no greater joy than bringing smiles back to people who suffer from acne and watching our clients leave with a greater sense of confidence.” - Emilie Duke

Live BeYOUtifully,

Emilie Duke ♥

Master Esthetician.

Acne Specialist Certified

Oncology Trained Esthetician

Certified Acne Detective 

Certified Laser Technician

Emilie Duke E Skin Forte Ashburn Skin Care Clinic

Emilie Duke, LME

Emilie Duke is a Virginia licensed Master Esthetician and Certified Acne Specialist. Founder of E Skin Forté and Keen Cutis Skincare.


Being a multifaceted Esthetician with over 22 years of experience in the industry. Emilie is deeply passionate about cases of acne and quickly learned that her true calling is to help and empower those who suffer from “one of the most difficult skin condition. 

. Emilie devoted most of her years improving her skills further and refining her niche of clearing ACNE holistically. She felt compelled to help each individual that suffers from acne and put it to their past.

I am so blessed that I have found a career that I love so much.

My purpose in life is to create a positive change in the world—one face at a time". 

Marble Surface


Tracy Florence


Tracy is a licensed Master Esthetician at E Skin Forte.


She attended The Dermal Science Institute in Reston, VA for her esthetic training and went on to complete her Master Esthetic license as an apprentice. Tracy has had a lifelong passion for beauty and skincare after struggling with acne as a teen and well into her adulthood. While working as an Assistant Manager at a prestigious medical spa and facial plastic surgery clinic in Chicago, IL, she became determined to get licensed and pursue the dream of helping others love the skin they are in.

Tracy is committed to continuing education in the latest treatments and technology to offer her clients in a partnership to achieve their skin goals.


When she isn’t at E Skin Forte providing her clients with amazing service and dedication to detail, she is with her husband of 25 years and their Labradoodle Cooper. They enjoy spending their spare time exploring the trails, breweries and restaurants of Northern Virginia as well as catching a few visits with their college student son.


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